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Radon gas in your home is a very serious health risk.  Choosing a company to install a radon mitigation system is one of the most important health related decisions you will make. USA Radon remains committed to being Michigan's residential radon mitigation industry leader.  We take pride in combining hard work with sound moral and ethical values.  All of the radon mitigation systems we install are custom made to fit your individual home.  We are a Michigan based radon mitigation company that will install an excellent radon mitigation system in your home!

We use only premium materials for all our installations.  The most important material component of any radon mitigation system is the "radon fan".  USA Radon uses the highest rated fan offered in today's marketplace.  Our radon system fan will cover the entire footprint of your house, reducing radon levels to well below the EPA accepted standard of 4 pCi/L.  At USA Radon, we give you a written guarantee that your radon level will be reduced below this standard.  Our systems are routinely bringing levels below 1 pCi/L!!!  We also use premium polyurethane covers and high grade 100% silicon to guarantee these optimum results.

In striving to maintain our spot as Michigan's premier radon reduction system installation leader, we understand that using premium materials is pointless if you don't have the right people installing the mitigation system. At USA Radon we take great pride in personally installing all of our mitigation systems.  We don't sub contract any work.  Ever.  We are owner operated.  The people you see in our pictures are the people that will be doing the work in your home.  Don't leave yourself guessing "who will be coming into my home?" with other companies. We live in Michigan - We work in Michigan!!  We enjoy being courteous, friendly, professional and precise.  It's who we are!!   

At USA Radon we take pride in knowing that when we install a radon mitigation system your radon issue will positively be alleviated that day.  We never cut corners.  All of our systems have a lifetime warranty in writing. Please don't hesitate to call today and we will gladly answer any questions that you have regarding radon, radon mitigation to include system installation, pricing, materials and scheduling.  We understand the serious implications that living with radon in your home can cause.  When you choose USA Radon you can rest assured that you have made the best decision for you and your family.