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Proudly Installing Radon Mitigation Systems in all of the following areas of Michigan and more:


Oakland County, Wayne County, Livingston County, Washtenaw County, Macomb County, Gennesse County, Lapeer County, Monroe County, Lenawee County, Hillsdale County, Ingham County, Jackson County

How long do the fans last?

At USA Radon we offer multiple different fan options. Most fans have a manufacturer's replacement warranty of 5 years.  There are also upgraded high efficiency fans.  These fan's have been known to function properly for as many as 20 years.  Most fans generally last between 10-15 years.

Do you have to use PVC pipe?

Aluminum downspout material has been tried in the past and due to some installer problems, has be banned in many states.  Metal downspouts have a great heat transfer and can fill up with ice in winter, disabling the system when you need it most.  

My home has a very high radon level.  Can it be fixed?

Yes!!  Homes with very high levels of radon have loose soil conditions.  In these conditions our system fan vacum will cover the entire footprint of the house reducing radon levels to well below the EPA accepted standard of 4pCi/L.  At USA Radon we GUARANTEE that your radon level will be reduced below this standard.  Our systems are routinely bringing levels below 1pCi/L!!!

How long does it take to install a radon system?

Most radon mitigation systems can be installed in about 3 hours.  USA Radon has installed thousands of systems over the years and we are extremely efficient with our installations.


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Does our radon mitigation system provide any other benefits?

Yes!  Some of the comments that we hear frequently from our customers are "the dehumidifier seems to run less", "the house feels cleaner", and "the musty smell in the basement is gone".  It has been estimated that an active radon system can draw a gallon of water from beneath the slab every two hours, thus reducing the bacterial growth under your house.  Great news for allergy sufferers!!!

What is to most common method to fix a radon problem?

Sub Slab Depressurization is the most common and most reliable radon reduction method.  This method prevents radon from entering your home by drawing radon from beneath the house and venting it with a fan to the outside, where it is dissipates into the atmosphere.

Does the PVC pipe have go all the way up to the roof?

No, not necessarily.  We can customize your exhaust to your request.  We can install the fan on the interior of your home.  It looks much more aesthetically appealing and you won't have that "ugly looking PVC running up the side of your home" (see pic's)